Hurwitz Beef incorporates the deboning and wholesale division of our wider beef production chain which begins at Hurwitz Farming.

Situated in Davel, Mpumalanga we farm extensively with the sole purpose of producing the best beef at the most economical levels possible. We achieve this by producing our own weaner calves through our commercial and stud cattle division, producing our own feed through our maize, silage and hay farming division and rounding off the cattle in our backgrounding and feedlot facilities which then yields quality animals ready for the beef market. Animals are slaughtered resulting in carcasses that then enter the deboning and wholesale process through Hurwitz Beef.

At Hurwitz Beef we are able to offer products and services covering a wide spectrum. These include the supply of whole carcasses incorporating full sides as well as fore and hind quarters, large wholesale cuts such as whole buttocks, rump and loins, T-bone racks as well as bulk primal cuts such as Fillet, Rump, Sirloin etc.

We also offer tailor made solutions to the catering industry such as individual portioned cuts as well as manufactured products such as biltong, dry wors and cooked processed meats.

Our ‘field to fork’ chain, as it is commonly referred to, allows us to produce the best quality beef at the most affordable levels without compromising on quality at all. We have successfully eliminated the middle men in the process of beef production which allows us to offer our customers what they deserve – the best beef at the best prices possible.

Our greatest belief is that the consumer, who is ultimately the most important part of the beef and food production chain, should enjoy the great benefits of quality beef and we are determined to bring you exactly that direct from the producers of beef, and in so doing allow you to also cut out all the middle men and supermarkets.

We offer the best quality products at wholesale prices direct to your door in our refrigerated delivery vehicles and will make sure your home-made meals are now so much more enjoyable and even more affordable.

Thank you for allowing us to bring better beef to your plate. We hope you enjoy consuming what we are so passionate about creating!

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Easy Beef Stew

Many stew recipes call for cooking the meat and vegetables at the same time, leaving the latter overcooked and mushy. Instead, first braise the meat with onions in red wine and beef broth until a rich sauce develops. Then, after about an hour, add carrots, celery, and potatoes. By the time the vegetables are cooked, the beef will be tender, then just stir in some peas for a little freshness and colour.

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